Thursday, July 22, 2010

Delicious in the Classroom

Teachers can subscribe to other teacher's bookmarks that teach the same content. This would provide teachers with links to resources or websites for students. Also, when students get used to accessing the teacher's Delicious list, they may want to join and begin their own collection of bookmarks that are helpful for projects throughout the year. Through Delicious, the sites can easily be accessed at home or school, or shared with group members by providing them with the Delicious website and your user name. Delicious can be used in telecollaborative projects in this way. If students in several different classrooms were in a group, they could use Delicious to bookmark the sites that would be useful for all group members to use.

I am going to use Delicious with my students in social studies at the beginning of this school year. Our first unit is Exploration. Near the end of the unit, I split the class into groups and they research and present to the class explorers from an assigned country. Then, the class compares and contrasts the motives for exploration of the French, Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish. Some research is done using the social studies text book, but most is done using the Internet. By using Delicious, I can already have a list of places for groups to start. As groups research on their own, I can add sites they find to the list and tag them according to which country that group is doing. Click here to see my Delicious site with the bookmarks for this assignment. Notice that I have added a brief note to let the students know what each web site contains. Also, students can use the tags to see which websites would be useful to them. The bookmark about Samuel Champlain, a French explorer, would be of interest to the group studying French explores. However, when the other groups see the "French explorers" tag, they will know not to waste their time.

This is a very clear video that can be used to help teachers and/or students understand what Delicious is and how it works. This Delicious Guide is from 2004, but offers teachers reasons why they should use Delicious and possible educational uses.

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