Monday, July 19, 2010

Blabberize in the Classroom

In 5th grade, my students write a simulated journal entry each year as part of our "Going West" unit in language arts. They imagine that they are Merriwether Lewis, William Clark, or Sacagawea and write about their trip west. Blabberize is a way for my students to make this project come alive. I am going to use this in the upcoming school year. My students will still go through the writing process as usual and construct a final draft. After that, they will upload a drawing or clip art of their character and Blabberize it, reading their final draft as the script. This will also make presenting the journals more engaging for the students. I will post their Blabs on our class web site for parents to view.

Blabberize could also be used in telecollaborative projects. My Blabberized simulated journals could be expanded to include several historical figures, and shared with other classes. Students could Blab about books they've read, research topics, themselves, and more!

Here is a YouTube video that offers a quick tutorial for teachers or students on how to make a Blabber. This site provides teachers with skills needed, safety/security concerns, and possible uses of Blabberize in the classroom.


  1. Harmony- I really like that you found this tutorial for blabberize. And the Going West idea, cool idea- I'm probably going to steal it from you... if you run short of time for the project, you may be able to go to the Library of Congress and find scanned pictures of each person and have the students blabberize that after the writing process.

  2. Wow, another video I could use to introduce a new tech tool to the staff. I first learned about Blabberize at an eCoach meeting. I love the ideas you and Jessica have about how to use this in the classroom. I'm already thinking about how I could use this with primary students--President's Day, exclamation points, and...? lol