Monday, July 19, 2010


Blabberize is a website that I learned about from a fellow classmate, Zach. It is a way to make your pictures talk. When I went to the homepage, there was a picture of a talking llama that explained everything in a funny, simple manner. Here's how it works:
  1. Upload a picture from your computer.
  2. The site will show your picture with the outline of a "mouth." Move the mouth over the mouth of the figure in your picture. Use the green and blue dots to adjust the size and shape.
  3. Then, you record what you want the picture to say. They give you three options: using a microphone, using a file you've already recorded, or calling in on the phone.
  4. Now you can preview the scene you created! You can even convert it to a video file and save it on your computer. It is available on the site for users to view and comment on. They also provide you with the HTML code if you wanted to embed your scene onto a web page. You can bookmark your scene to numerous social networking sites as well.
All of this probably took me less than five minutes. Also, I don't have a microphone on my computer so I had to call in my recording to the number they provide and enter a passcode that appears on the screen. Overall, this was pretty easy and FUN to use! Here's the Blabber I made using my roommate's dog, Lucy.

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